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Blog Update

Blog Update

In all fairness, updating our blog has been pretty low on the agenda over the last few months. We could blame the lack of posting online content on the busy run up to Christmas, or on the lack of time we’ve had. Any excuse really! The fact is we haven’t posted anything for ages and we plan on changing that asap. We understand the importance of keeping the blog updated with fresh content, so over the coming months, we will be letting you know about our services, our news, the places we collect and deliver to and any other courier related business news.

Over the last couples of months, we’ve had a number of new additions to the business. We’ve given our company logo a refresh, taken on a new driver (Good Luck Tim) and we’re now looking forward to a (hopefully) busy 2017.

We’ve also added a new small van to the fleet. The Berlingo can carry the following:

courier small van

courier small van


  1. One standard or Euro pallet
  2. Up to 450kg in weight
  3. Goods measuring up to 1 metre high
  4. Goods measuring up to 1.5 metres long
  5. Goods measuring up to 1.4 metres wide
  6. The width between the wheel arches 1.25 metres
  7. Approximately 2.8 Cubic metres of cargo


As always, if we can be of any assistance to your company, wether it’s urgent documents or pallet loads of goods, give us a call on 0151 372 8221 for a competitive quote.

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