Thousands of drivers stranded on hottest day of year

Thousands of drivers stranded on hottest day of year

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FTA members come to the rescue of stranded truckers on hottest day of decade.

Freight Transport Association members have stepped in to help fellow truckers who are stuck in Operation Stack on the M20 in Kent.

Donations of bottled water, canned drinks and dried foods are being distributed to the thousands of drivers who are enduring Britain’s hottest day for 10 years while stranded on the motorway without any facilities.

Kent Police are now putting plans in place for phase 4 of Operation Stack, an unprecedented move which will see the M20 shut from junctions 8-12 coast-bound and 8-9 London-bound. Further closures could be announced as the strike continues.

“We knew our members would want to help fellow truckers who have been stranded for hours in unbearable heat without food or water. The lack of facilities is appalling for those who have been stuck on the M20 on the hottest day for a decade. This is a fantastic example of what membership of FTA means – sharing common resources and making the freight industry a better place for everyone.”

Story courtesy of ITV News