Dog transport begins between Netherlands and U.S.

She may not be as pioneering as Laika, the Soviet space dog from the 1950s, but Tiffany, a young Dutch Smoushond, has made a name for herself as the first animal that American Airlines Cargo has shipped as live cargo from the Netherlands to the United States.

Animal forwarding company Animals to Fly gave Tiffany the VIP treatment with a direct trans-Atlantic ride in a kennel carrier, inside a comfortable 757 belly hold, to Philadelphia, where her new owners were waiting. Being not only a very rare breed but also a puppy, Tiffany required extra care, so AA Cargo’s GSA, FlyUs, arranged to have two animal wranglers, Patrick Smidt and Benny Bekker, to accompany her on her journey.

According to Animals to Fly, the adventurous Tiffany arrived unscathed in Philadelphia after a nine-hour door-to-door delivery.

story courtesy of air cargo world Dog transport begins between Netherlands and U.S.

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