Access all areas !

Access all areas !

At L12 Couriers, we are in a privileged job to some extent as we get to go inside some beautiful buildings across the UK, many of which are closed to the public. We are also permitted to go behind the scenes in many sporting venues, training facilities, tv and movie sets and high security settings to name a few.

So far this week, we’ve delivered training kits and accessories for players, coaching / back room staff to several premier league teams in preparation for the new season starting on 12th September. We’ve delivered safety equipment, hand sanitisers and stationary to school’s in the Merseyside area. We’ve continued our daily run’s from private hospitals / clinics and football / cricket teams down to London from Liverpool with COVID-19 tests.

Our day’s are varied. We can be asked to move an envelope in one moment, then a pallet of restaurant menu’s the next. But one thing we continue to do is to offer a professional service to our customers, old and new. It’s what keeps us going and also the reason why our customers return to us time and time again to deliver their goods.

If you need a courier service you can rely on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.